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  • 計算機科學與技術學院青年博士論壇系列講座二十八
    【所屬類別】劉越男     【作者】     【閱讀次數】     【發布時間】2019-12-02 12:27:36  





    要:In this talk, an uplink cross-layer resource allocation problem based on imperfect channel state information (CSI) is modeled as min-max fractional stochastic programming for heterogeneous wireless access. The resource allocation is subject to constraints in delay, service outage probability, system radio bandwidth, and total power consumption. The joint bandwidth and power allocations are based on CSI at the physical layer and queue state information (QSI) at the link layer. In order to determine the transmission rate of each mobile terminal (MT) according to the queue buffer occupancy, a probability upper bound of exceeding the maximum packet delay in terms of a required transmission rate is presented based on M/D/1 model. Then, the bandwidth and power allocation problem is transformed into bi-convex programming, and an optimal distributed bandwidth and power allocation (ODBPA) algorithm is proposed. To reduce computational complexity, a suboptimal distributed bandwidth and power allocation (SDBPA) algorithm is presented. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed algorithms improve the energy efficiency greatly.

    個人簡介:徐雷三亚娱乐官方平台,男,博士,南京理工大學計算機科學與工程學院三亚娱乐官方平台,教授三亚娱乐官方平台,博士生導師,研究方向:網絡空間安全、5G、大數據分析。2012年博士畢業于南京航空航天大學。2014-2016年在加拿大滑鐵盧大學做訪問學者三亚娱乐官方平台、博士后(合作導師:莊衛華院士)。2017年,破格晉升為南京理工大學計算機科學與工程學院教授。主持國家自然科學基金、國防基礎預研項目、海軍預研課題等20余項課題。研究的重要成果以第一作者發表在IEEE JSAC、IEEE TIFS三亚娱乐官方平台、IEEE TWC三亚娱乐官方平台、IEEE TC、IEEE TVT等期刊。撰寫Springer英文專著章節一章,出版《電子工業出版社》教材一本,申請發明專利30余項(16項已授權)三亚娱乐官方平台。

    作者:計算機科學與技術學院   審核:白光偉